Parent Coaching

The BCBAs at Spectrum Solutions have designed a comprehensive parent training curriculum that covers a wide range of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) terminology, strategies, supports and skills. The goal of our Parent Coaching program is to empower parents and caregivers to be able to continue supporting their child’s development and skill acquisition well after behavioural interventions are complete and services have ended. If your child is receiving ABA therapy in any format (intensive IBI or short term goal ABA), Spectrum Solutions Parent Training is the ideal accompaniment to ensure that all new behaviours learned are maintained and generalized. The training materials can be delivered as a comprehensive whole package, or you can select the training modules that are specific to your child’s needs. Parent Training modules include:

  • Introduction to Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Antecedent Strategies
  • Behavioural and Emotional Regulation
  • Consequence strategies
  • Teaching Daily Living Skills
  • Creating and Implementing Task Analyses
  • Developing and using Behaviour Contracts
  • Communication Strategies
  • Toilet Training
  • Advocating for your Child
  • Proloquo2Go Training